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7 ways Shaping Cloud embrace equity

Capture learning styles

We make sure to capture everyone’s preferred learning style as well their training and development needs. We appreciate that not everyone learns in the same way and we aim to accommodate where possible.

Supporting non-traditional family dynamics

We ensure that our employee benefits are inclusive to support non-traditional family dynamics as recognise that every family or relationship will be different and that everyone should be entitled to the same benefits for themselves and their loved ones.

Disclosed salaries

We disclose salary bandings on all job adverts.

Skill-based hiring

We hire based on relevant skills. We don’t require a degree or take level of education into consideration. We prefer to hire for potential rather than a 2:1 degree.

Blind hiring

We operate ‘Blind Hiring’ meaning all identifying factors are removed until the point of interview, reducing any opportunity for bias.

We’re flexible

We support flexibility with working locations. We have enabled home working as well as access to shared working space. Different environments suit different people.

We encourage learning and development

We provide all employees with 5 paid learning days per year, regardless of role or tenure in the business. We recognise that everyone has the potential and the right to upskill themselves within their respected specialisms.

Download our infographic here.

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