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Context and Drivers

The Royal British Legion (TRBL) wanted to identify opportunities to drive a more robust and reliable service whilst considering a more efficient operating model through the use of public cloud services. The challenge of ‘Transforming Whilst Performing’ was prevalent for the British Legion – echoing the pressures felt throughout public and not-for-profit sectors – and as a not-for-profit body, TRBL’s revenue generation model (through donations and retail services) had to be considered.


Shaping Cloud was engaged to deliver its strategy consultation and service assessment. With the support of senior stakeholders and with a positive engagement with the IM&T and business functions, the assessment identified significant strategic improvements that would fundamentally change the delivery of IM&T services whilst identifying significant recurring savings to alleviate financial pressures.

The strategy assessment provided a comprehensive approach, analysis, findings, implications, action plans and reference materials to support The Royal British Legion with a clear roadmap for public cloud adoption – a blueprint for internal success which set an example for the sector.

Setting out a clear route for the Legion to take advantage of modern digital services and cloud technologies and enable real change beyond IT and across the entire organisation, the assessment recommended two parallel streams of activity to target both the strategic and short-term opportunities identified.


Working together, Shaping Cloud and the Royal British Legion designed a blueprint which put the needs of the veterans, members, volunteers and fundraisers at its core whilst ensuring an IM&T function to enhance the status of the organisation as a digital exemplar.

The development and planning of an IM&T Strategy, Target Operating Model and New Revenue opportunities identified potential savings of up to £700k per annum recurring savings whilst reducing operational risk.

SC:Strategy consultation made the following key opportunities:

  • Overall savings of approximately 33% over a 5 year period
  • De risk IT service and improve robustness of delivery
  • Centralisation of IT functionality, reducing application complexity
  • Adoption of enterprise integration capability to facilitate more automated business practices
  • Lead the sector through digitisation of services and better delivery models



Royal British Legion

Launch Date:

4 January 2018