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How can Shaping Cloud help you?

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

What is Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Cloud backup provides the ability for an organisation to backup and virtually store all types of data or applications within the cloud, which can be accessed globally over an internet
connection. The cloud provider enables the cloud storage, usually through a subscription based pricing model, which is highly flexible and scalable with minimal if not any down-time unlike traditional backup up techniques, such as backup tapes, hardware or on-premise data centers.

These solutions are a managed service where an entire IT infrastructure estate, volumes of data, applications and supporting services are managed by the cloud provider or vendor, which can be combined with robust disaster recovery solutions.


Our Services

Our managed service can solve these challenges and take that burden away from you, providing you with a professionally managed secure service that meets your data security requirements and can scale to meet your retention policies, whilst also complying with data protection requirements.

We don’t push organisations into a specific product, but rather start with what you currently have and recommend the most cost effective and feature rich tool, based on your business requirements. We work with you and take time to fully understand your systems, data and applications, including your current backup and retention policies, to allow us to determine the design and configuration of the new managed service.

We will work with you to convert your current backup arrangements to the new ‘managed backup as a service’ with minimal disruption and impact on your current services. This includes the design, setup, configuration, testing and sign-off of the new service. All our cloud migration services include quality assurance and testing, to ensure that the migrations are as smooth as possible with minimal impact on your business. We discuss and agree with you the appropriate level of testing and assurance required.

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