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The cloud and mobile applications today are quickly replacing the ways of traditional and on-premises work. Not only have we seen large and leading organisations adapt and transform digitally, but we have also seen how they have facilitated and improved employee productivity.  

Whilst these have been large, innovative and “a long time coming” changes, we have also seen the challenges that these large organisations have faced when adapting to the way the world now operates – digitally and remotely. With the main challenge being controlling who can access business-critical data, as well as where from and when.  In fact, the security perimeter today has now extended far beyond an organisation’s network and requires user and device identity.

The problem is, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are only as effective and efficient as the individual deploying, controlling, and monitoring the system. The lack of extensive expertise required to do so, will mean a lack of security.

Replacing the strain on IT teams with expert Identity MSPs

Remove the strain of having to monitor, maintain, anticipate cyber-threats and develop effective and secure identity security solutions. Re-focus your resources and efforts on what you do best, and leave the rest to us.  

As cybercriminals become more advanced, technologies evolve and end-user demands and requirements change on a near-daily basis, organisations are facing increasingly overwhelming and complex infrastructures, platforms, applications, and users to manage; all whilst ensuring compliance and security. 

If issues arise and are not tracked promptly the consequences organisations face can be not only costly (of time, money and resources) but detrimental to an organisation and their reputation.  

Shaping Cloud provides a cost-effective and proactive solutions accompanied with depth of knowledge from our certified expert managed service squad. Our service and abilities not only ensure that your organisational needs are met, but that your users (both internal and external) are met. All whilst ensuring all regulations and legal compliance measures are met (and yes, that includes the old and the new too).  

How we benefit your organisation 

  • Gain certified experts
  • Cost-effective support
  • Proactive and continuous support
  • Tailored solutions
  • Keep your business learning forward

Proactive provisions and monitoring 

Platform monitoring around the clock, proactively fixing issues and defending your organisations from any outages or cyber-threats. Our proactive approach means we supply evolving identity management standards, and protocols and ensure compliance measures are met.  

Certified industry experts 

Partner with us, and gain leading identity security, access management and development expertise.  

Expert methodology (with a hint of Lean and Agile)  

With our hands-on and varied experience, certifications, and knowledge, Shaping Cloud possesses the ability to effectively monitor, maintain and optimise your Identities. Keeping you at the front of cutting-edge technological developments, and always leaning forward whilst remaining secure. 

Why choose MSP Shaping Cloud?

Shaping Cloud was born in Azure and holds over 10 years of experience in Azure cloud strategy, Azure migrations and Azure infrastructure management. Accompanying this experience, our consultants are highly accredited specialists and certified and skilled engineers. Our combined expertise and experience allow us to support partners of varying sizes, and across different sectors, delivering efficient solutions continuously.

  • Over 10 years’ experience working with Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Cyber Essential Plus certified – we implement the highest standard of controls protecting our partners against cyber-attacks, and continuously monitor and improve systems
  • ITIL v4 Experts – up to date on the latest developments in the ITSM field, including agile, DevOps and Lean
  • Sector and industry-wide experience – including local and central governments, healthcare, financial services, education, and retail

We are experts, born in the cloud

Shaping Cloud are cloud technology experts born in the cloud, bringing you the best of modern technology techniques, including DevOps and agility to always improve your security posture.

We are always leaning forward

Shaping Cloud always leans forward and keep up the momentum, as opposed to holding you back. Our team are complete with proactive technology experts who are continuously learning and developing their skills – remaining up to date, in-tune and on-trend with developments and threats.

We modernise as we deliver

Shaping Cloud have an automation-first approach, meaning that they (Shaping Cloud) modernise as they deliver, and allow their services to always look for improvements that your business can benefit from. This involves identifying opportunities for optimisation and efficiency whilst always keeping security at the forefront of everything.