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With over a thousand security and privacy controls, having access to Microsoft 365 security experts better positions your business from sophisticated threats and can be the competitive advantage you’ve been waiting for.

Transform and empower your Modern Workforce

With the expertise and support of certified and experienced Managed Service Providers (MSP) for your Modern Workplace and Microsoft 365 tenants and workloads, organisations can achieve greater employee productivity and satisfaction and improve its security and compliance. To make the vast landscape of Microsoft 365 a little easier to comprehend, we break this down into three subcategories, Modern Desktop, Intelligent Communications and Security and Compliance.

Modern Desktop (Windows 365, Office 365 and Unified Endpoint)

We help organisation migrate, adopt and manage Microsoft 365, and further enable them to empower its workforce to work virtually from anywhere, at anytime.

Intelligent Communications (Teams, Viva suite and Exchange)

We effectively work to bring your global workforce together, and help combine enterprise communications with the tools and features of Microsoft Teams, Viva suite and Exchange.

Security and Compliance (Identity and access management, Microsoft Purview, backup and disaster recovery)

We enable you to have peace of mind that your organisation and its resources remain continuously protected through the use of Identity and Access Management (IAM), Microsoft Purview and back up and disaster recovery. Find out more on our Security and Identity capabilities.

The workplace is not traditional anymore

The way organisations operate has quickly evolved. We are now seeing fewer organisations operate from their headquarters or offices across the globe with more individuals working completely remotely or in a hybrid fashion. In fact, we are now seeing more employees expecting to work flexibly, with the ability to access their work resources from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

As we’ve seen organisations adapt to this approach, it hasn’t quite stopped there. Employees now expect improved work experiences. In other words, they’re hoping for more seamless and innovative solutions to accommodate operating remotely and empower them day-to-day. 

Organisations now need to proactively provide the empowerment their staff desire, whilst simultaneously protecting its vital IT assets.

Microsoft Modern Workplace helps empower organisations to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, create seamless collaboration and communication across locations and platforms while maintaining the security and integrity of systems and data.

MSP Shaping Cloud Modern Workplace services

Shaping Cloud’s Modern Workplace Managed Service provides organisations the elite opportunity to transform your enterprise with digitally innovative and certified cloud experts, and proactively support your employee’s productivity, collaboration, and mobility with Microsoft 365.

Working as your trusted MSP, Shaping Cloud extends our experienced and certified consultants and engineers across to your organisation and provide help and advise where needed; as well as design and delivery input and managed services.

Ready to transform?

We’re ready when you are. Contact us today at hello@shapingcloud.com, or book in a call now to discuss our services and your goals in detail.